Vimar Forklift is dedicated to the manufacturing, sales and leasing of forklift trucks and logistics equipment. The company’s main focus is producing reliable and high quality products at very competitive prices.
Located in one of the high-tech development zones of China’s Anhui province, Vimar occupies about 66,900 m2 (~720,000 sq ft) of land with a construction area of approximately 31,600 m2 (~340,000 sq ft). Vimar’s factory is equipped with state-of-the-art production facilities such as environmental-friendly paint coating line, water curtain spray booth, compressed air power system, large shot blasting machinery, CNC plasma cutting, and automated assembly lines.
Innovation is Vimar’ s spirit. The company’ s dedicated R&D team, which already holds a number of technology patents, continuously explores new ideas and technologies independently as well as through collaboration with research institutions and universities. The results include innovative products such as the FD/FB 1.5ton to 10ton forklift and full series of electric warehouse equipment.AC20
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